Spirit & Alcohol Home Bar Infuser Kit w/Infusion Bottle & Variety Pack, 4 Piece Set

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  • CONSISTENT BLEND EVERY TIME - 1pt Infusion Blends come in pre-measured packets so you'll always have the right measurement for your liquor. Use 1 packet for a half bottle of standard spirits (375 ml) or 2 packets for an entire bottle (750 ml).
  • INFUSE IN UNDER 6 HOURS - Infusing alcohol in a short period of time can be a game changer when you're trying to get your last-minute party plans finished. Depending upon your desired level of flavor, 1pt blends are designed to infuse a bottle in only 2-6 hours.
  • INFUSE WITH CONFIDENCE - Teroforma has taken the guesswork out of infusion with ONE PART blends. The sugar-free natural flavor packets are crafted from the finest ingredients that won't affect the shelf life of your alcohol.
  • 1pt INFUSION BOTTLE - Each Master Kit includes a lab glass infusion bottle with a walnut-finished cap that can hold up to 375 ml of your favorite spirit. Simply fill and drop in a 1pt Infusion Blend packet and watch your liquor transform right before your eyes.
  • BUT THERE'S MORE - The 1pt Master Kit isn't just an infuser bottle for the 1pt system. The 1pt Master Kit also includes a gold finish, stainless steel tasting straw, simple instruction guide, cocktail recipe book, and variety pack with 7 flavors so you can get to infusing right away.